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Since its introduction in the year 2000, Sun Is Shining has become one of the most well-respected and best-selling Alkaline Green Powdered Superfood products in the world. Sun Is Shining is an entirely raw, vegan, and Non-GMO product. It has been formulated with a unique understanding of life-force energy, enzymes, raw foods, environmentally-sound science and Mother Nature’s reverence for all life.

What Is In Sun Is Shining?

Sun Is Shining contains 100% raw, organic and wild crafted superfood, the best probiotic formulation ever put into a superfood formula, and a full digestive enzyme complex. It comes to you as a neutral-tasting, whole-food, green powder with no fillers and is designed to be added smoothly to your current diet.
Our Sun Is Shining boasts an incredible array of nutrient-dense, mineral-rich superfoods including powdered vegetables, algae, and aquatic vegetables, as well as a highly-advanced probiotic (friendly bacteria) formula. This product was developed exclusively for Sunfood by one of the world’s leading superfood authorities, Dr. Jameth Sheridan (N.D.) and has been formulated to provide you and your family with the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, polysaccharides, and protein- promoting strong bones, healthy muscles, better digestion, and much needed alkalinity in a world where we are exposed to high levels of toxins.

Sun is Shining contains both wheat grass and barley grass. Although wheat grass and barley grass do not contain gluten (only the grains and mature grain producing plants contain gluten) we do not currently certify Sun Is Shining as 100% gluten free.

Caution: This product may produce strong intestinal cleansing reactions in some people. If you experience any discomfort while taking this product, try reducing the amount or stop using.

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