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Sunfood’s Organic Cacao Powder leads the superfood industry in quality, flavor, eco-packaging, and antioxidant value. This is one of our premier superfoods and is one of the most unique and beautiful chocolate products on Earth. Our Certified Organic Chocolate Powder is created from beautiful, clean, microbe-free 100% Arriba Nacional Fino de Aroma Pure Cacao Beans.

What is Raw Organic Cacao Powder (Chocolate Powder)?

All chocolate is made from Cacao Beans (also known as Cocoa Beans). Cacao is chocolate! All the antioxidant value, mineral benefits, neurotransmitter rejuvenating properties, and overall health-giving qualities of chocolate are found in raw Cacao Beans!
Made from delicious, raw Arriba Nacional Fino de Aroma cacao beans, Sunfood’s raw and organic cacao powder is prepared by cold-pressing cacao beans to yield a decadent, antioxidant-rich powder and to seperate the oil from the fiber. The remaining dry ‘cake-like’ material is then cold-ground, fine-milled and sifted so that only the finest, most bio-available raw Cacao particles filter through into the finished product. Prepared below 120F and tested for accuracy, this low temperature process keeps vitamins, minerals and antioxidants intact, allowing you to experience luxurious taste with maximum digestion and absorption of nutrients. Most other cocoa powders are exposed to temperatures as high as 300 degrees Fahrenheit! A high-accuracy thermometer monitors the process. Our cacao powder is also tested to be clear of micro-organisms and heavy metals. Cacao powder can be included in smoothies, desserts and chocolate candies to give you all of the healthy benefits of this powerful superfood.

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